Cooking Frozen Chicken

Cooking frozen chicken or any other meat for that matter is a big no-no. But what if you simply forgotten to thaw your chicken and dinner must be served shortly? Can you cook chicken properly if you cook it frozen? Well, for your peace of mind, you can. Just remember that you would probably need 50% more time to cook it through.

The Best Cooking Method

Cooking experts suggest that when dealing with frozen chicken, it is best to use the oven or stove top to cook it thoroughly.

For whole chicken, it is best that you cook it through poaching. Otherwise, your chicken’s inside will be left raw while the outside is already dry and overcooked. For chicken parts, you can cook them through baking. You simply lay down your meat onto the baking sheet, pour in some sauce, and pop it into the oven for 60 to 90 minutes in a 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. You may adjust the cooking time according to your portion sizes. The general rule is that smaller chicken portions will cook faster and the bigger ones longer.

To make sure that your chicken is cooked through, always use a meat thermometer. Insert the thermometer inside the meatiest and see if it already has an inside temperature reaching 165 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important that you cook your chicken through to ensure that there will be no risks of disease that commonly appear with eating raw meat.


Still, it is best that you thaw your chicken before cooking it in order to cook it through and extract all the delightful flavors from the meat.

There are a couple of ways to defrost your chicken.

First, you can put it inside the refrigerator to allow the ice to melt in a natural process. This will take time, however. For chicken parts, you may need to thaw your chicken overnight. For a whole chicken, you may need to wait one to two days before it is completely thawed.

If you are in a hurry and you do not have 12-24 hours waiting time, you may also thaw your chicken through cold water. Submerge your meat in a bowl of cold water. Change the water every half an hour. Better yet, put the frozen chicken under running water. This will melt the frost easily.

You may also defrost your chicken using the microwave oven. However, you need to cook your chicken immediately after it is thawed as some parts of the chicken will already start cooking while it is inside the microwave oven.

There are several reminders that you need to learn to thaw your chicken properly and safely. If this process is not done right, it could lead to bacterial growth, which may harm your health. First, it is important that you do not use warm water for thawing frozen chicken. Warm water will cook the chicken partly and also encourage the growth of bacteria. It is also not wise to thaw your chicken at room temperature because salmonella is a common risk. It would also help if your frozen chicken is bought fresh. Check the expiry date in the package before you make the purchase. Otherwise, you will recognize a distinct smell while you are thawing your chicken.

Chicken should be cooked well-done. However, be careful not to overcook it or you only get dried and flavorless dish. Chicken is best eaten when its meat is still juicy. No matter what cooking method you use, it is important that you know how to cook it properly because that is the only way you can extract is best taste.

Tasty Chicken Meat

Chicken is a favorite ingredient for a variety of recipes. It cooks faster than other meats. Its meat is also a lot healthier than the red meats. However, you need to cook the chicken properly to be able to take advantage of its delicious flavors.

Unlike beef, it is potentially dangerous to partly cook chicken. If it is not fully cooked, it can cause salmonella, which may lead to different health conditions. To be safe rather than be sorry, always keep a meat thermometer handy when cooking chicken.

Chicken is cooked when its meat already turns white. Cooked chicken meat is also firm with no sight of blood anywhere. If you are checking the chicken’s doneness, always target the meatiest part.

While it is important that you keep your chicken meat fully cooked, it is also important that you know when to stop the cooking process. Overcooked meat will taste bland and dry. You will not really like it. So make sure that you finish off the process before your meat reaches that point.

Chicken is very versatile. It will work well with different ingredients. So the trick, really, to preparing tasty chicken dishes is learning how to cook it right, whether it is frozen or properly thawed.

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